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I find it hard to believe that I used to be a human being (i.e. not  a mom). I barely remember the ‘before time’ when my boobs were still were they belonged and my day started didn’t really start until after noon. Back in the land of languorous meals and tight jeans, late nights and binge drinking. Back when responsibility was making sure you never left your solo cup unattended in a crowd of strangers. Using a bathroom was something you never even gave a second thought to, and eating a candy bar on the couch was a viable option.

I KNOW it all wasn’t some crazy dream but it seems like so long ago…..

..Now I have carpool and sticky fingers, spit up stains and yoga pants. Mastitis, bronchitis, goldfish crackers and apple juice picnics in the living room on a rainy day. There’s finger painting. There’s chaos. There’s a permanent bathroom chaperone that reminds me to ‘flush, wash and be on my way’ repeatedly.  The only late nights are the ones filled with feverish snuggles, runny noses and sore throats. My drinks no longer need protected, they all have lids. Responsibility means molding tiny human beings into productive members of society. Love is abundant, as are tears, snotty noses, and squished fingers. Yes, my world has changed quite a bit in the past six years.

I wouldn’t change it for all of the  candy bars in the world.


We’re moving. Yeay! I’m just dying of excitement! I don’t know if I can sleep, what with the anticipation of packing endless boxes of seemingly useless junk, trying to convince myself I really DO need every single item that has accumulated over the past year and dealing with my confused, anxious dogs and grouchy children. Moving is great.  Because I do so love the feeling of dread at moving large pieces of furniture only to discover a treasure trove of misplaced junk or running out of boxes only to make a dozen late night trips to the local big box stores to steal boxes like some cardboard hoarding creature of darkness. Not to mention the pure exhilaration of identifying the mold covered blob of mystery under M&M’s bed. And when it’s all said and done, you are left in a hollow shell of what once was a happy home. But you aren’t done, oh no, there is still fun to be had. Because living is messy. No matter how thorough you may think you are there are nooks and crannies full of the debris of life. Bits of crayon, dried play doh, old food, random bits of fluff, dust bunnies and mysterious works of crayola art on walls that seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Oh yes, I love moving. Let the games begin!