Paging Dr. Google

Posted: September 12, 2013 in Uncategorized

When you are dealing with the mysterious illness of one or more of your own spawn no matter how many times you have been there done that there will always be a little part of you that panics. Like soul crushing guilt, irrational panic goes hand in hand with motherhood. In light of that fact no matter how tempting it might be to ask Dr. Google, don’t do it. A quick internet search on ‘common cold symptoms’ or ‘childhood rashes’ it will undoubtedly lead to frantic searches on ‘childhood cancer’ or ‘lupus’ or  ‘how many hours does my child have left to live?!?!’ an hour later.  At the very least if you are that worried about your kid and don’t want to go rushing to the er like a madwoman or call your doctor at 2 am at least call your mom or a mom friend so they can talk you down. You’ll thank yourself later.


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