You Did What Now?

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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M&M: Mom, guess what I did.

Moi: You discovered Atlantis?

M&M: No.

Moi: You invented chocolate socks?

M&M: Noo.

Moi: You discovered a breed of dust bunnies that eat other dust bunnies?

M&M: No, Mom. (muy serious face)

Moi: You found a snipe? You went to outer space? You found a talking pickle? Oh, I know! You rescued a dragon from a princess!

M&M: Nooo mom! (stomps foot)

Moi: Well..I give up. What did you do.

M&M: (mischevious grin) I farted.


..I honestly should have seen that coming.


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