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…when I yell at my kids and I sound EXACTLY like my mother.


and you inadvertently ruined her entire life by talking about the time when you were five and found out Santa wasn’t real.


You Did What Now?

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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M&M: Mom, guess what I did.

Moi: You discovered Atlantis?

M&M: No.

Moi: You invented chocolate socks?

M&M: Noo.

Moi: You discovered a breed of dust bunnies that eat other dust bunnies?

M&M: No, Mom. (muy serious face)

Moi: You found a snipe? You went to outer space? You found a talking pickle? Oh, I know! You rescued a dragon from a princess!

M&M: Nooo mom! (stomps foot)

Moi: Well..I give up. What did you do.

M&M: (mischevious grin) I farted.


..I honestly should have seen that coming.